Meet the Owners

Matt and Krystal Johnston

Meet the Owners - Matt and Krystal JohnstonMy husband Matt, and I have been the owners of Stretch-n-Grow of Hanover County, VA LLC since 2004. Our family’s adventure with this company began with a prayer for a more healthy work/life balance. I previously worked in corporate America and with travel and long work hours it was proving to be a taxing career choice as a young mother.  After months of prayer, the Lord opened up an opportunity for me to leave the corporate world and launch SNG here in Hanover and other surrounding counties. Honestly, I had never worked with kids or in the field of exercise, but still, for some reason, it just felt right. From day one I fell in love with teaching the classes and the business concept. A year after starting the company, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. There were several months of recuperating from the initial onset of the disease and at that point I was having a hard time even teaching the classes. Doctors put me on a medicine to help control the disease but also several other medicines to help with energy loss and relieve many other symptoms that the disease so often brings.

Slowly, I regained the strength to teach classes, but more importantly, I gained firsthand knowledge of the benefits that exercise in these classes gave me personally.   Seeing the results, I began a new exercise and diet regimen of my own.  My body began to respond in such a positive way from these lifestyle changes, I was able to stop taking all the medicines that were masking the symptoms of my MS and solely remain on the disease modifying meds.  Since then, I exercise daily and I can’t live without it.  Exercise has been a lifeline to helping me feel (and be) healthy again.  This life changing, personal testimony,  has now changed the way I approach this business.  It is now a lifelong pursuit of mine to teach each child we encounter, early in their life, the benefits of taking care of their body with both exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  Each coach I hire, each class I teach, is done so with one mission in mind – helping each child walk away with the same feelings I have when I exercise – healthy, strong and positive.  I have an amazing staff that God has provided me with and they’ve come alongside of me to help move us toward our goal of reaching as many children as possible with this message.  If you compare our prices to other similar companies you’ll see we are a much more economical choice because this has never been about getting rich or making an exuberant amount of money.  For me, keeping the program as affordable as possible, ensures that more kids will have an opportunity to participate in learning these lifelong lessons.  Though I am the sole manager of the company, my husband Matt has been so instrumental in this journey too; though he maintains his own full time career in another field, he fully supports the company, its needs and my passion to this mission.  Matt and I are blessed with two energetic kids of our own, of which we’ve had the privileged opportunity in taking an active role in their sports and recreation too.   If I’ve taught your children whether directly or through my staff, I’d like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me live out my dream of instilling healthy lifestyles in kids of all ages!!!

God bless you!

Matt and Krystal Johnston

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