Meet the Coaches

We Make Exercise EXERciting!

Stretch-n-Grow upholds high standards for their coaches. Each Stretch-n-Grow coach has one focus– to show our Stars an EXERciting time! EVERY instructor is certified in CPR and First Aid. Most importantly, each of our coaches are a Youth Fitness Certified Professional and must complete a rigorous training process and pass a comprehensive written test to prove their abilities to educate children in the area of health and fitness.

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Stretch-n-Grow Coach AngelaCOACH ANGELA

I have had the privilege of coaching for Stretch-n-Grow for the last eight years.  It has complemented my love for working with children and has fostered the “I don’t want to grow up” side of my personality.  Three years ago, Stretch-n-Grow expanded our audience to include senior citizens.  This has been an incredible blessing to me as I encourage movement and vitality to seniors.  I am married and the proud mom to three children and one crazy English Springer Spaniel.




Stretch-n-Grow Coach Sarah


I have been working with Stretch-n-Grow for four years now and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Working with this company allows me to avoid being stagnant. My job is to be a silly and engaging role model- that never gets boring. I’m a dancer and this job sustains my craving for movement and also challenges growth in other aspects of exercise. Not only do I have a wonderful job, but I get to interact with a pretty awesome team. The atmosphere around here is one of positivity and encouragement, nothing less.



COMeet the Coaches- Coach SophieACH SOPHIE

I have always had a deep appreciation for the arts and have been dancing since age five. I have studied at Raleigh School of Dance, University of North Carolina, the Miami City Ballet and Richmond Ballet. I currently teach dance for Stavna Ballet and Passion Academy. I also have a strong passion for fitness and nutrition and am currently pursuing Nutrition Science and Business degrees. I believe my interests and experience in these areas will lend itself well as a children’s fitness instructor. I am so excited to be teaching for Stretch-n-Grow!




Hi everyone! I’m Coach Ann. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity with Stretch N Grow. I was a preschool teacher for many years as well as an elementary, middle and high school art teacher in the state of Pennsylvania.  A few years ago, I became a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and absolutely love what I do! I’ve taught youth fitness classes through senior adult level and hopefully have made an impact in the lives of the many clients I have trained. I myself am a crossfitter, bodybuilder, kickboxer, golfer and tennis player, and a lifelong athlete in many sports actually.  I have a wonderful, supportive husband of 24 years, and three awesome children, and I am super excited that I get to share my passion and God given talent with the children of Stretch N Grow!



COMeet Coach AlexACH ALEX

My name is Alexandra Parsons and I am a freelance musician, baker & nanny. I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach for Stretch-N-Grow! I believe in healthy eating a fun fitness and I look forward to incorporating fitness and health into your child’s daily routine. It’s my goal for the children to know I benefit from my time with them just as much as they do. I believe encouraging healthy habits leads to happy kids. Can’t wait to see what your kids can do!




COMeet Coach ChrissyACH CHRISSY

I’m Coach Chrissy! I’m a mother of two very energetic children! I graduated from Randolph Macon College with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Eco-oomics. I have been a gymnastics instructor for over twenty years! I love to participate in Moi Ti Kickboxing and Gracie Jujitsu, as well as weight lifting and surfing. I love to be creative and use my imagination. I have been a floral designer for the past twenty years. I love to interact with children and youth. I have been a volunteer and the youth director for my church. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to work with Stretch-n-Grow to strengthen your child’s passion for fitness and creativity! Many thanks!



COMeet Coach BrianACH BRIAN, Middle & High School Physical Education

Coach Shay is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a B.S. in Elementary Education and Marygrove College with a Master’s degree in “The Art of Teaching.” He also completed his Administrative Degree from the University of Dayton in the summer of 2002.

Previously, Coach spent over twenty years in the education field in Ohio as a classroom teacher, coach, athletic director and an administrative leader. In 2010, he was called to leave the education field behind and travel north to Wisconsin to work at Rawhide (a Christian boy’s ranch for troubled teens). After one year, God lead him to Virginia to pursue his wife Angie and another stint in the education field. He spent two years as middle school math teacher in the Henrico School District. In July of 2013, he joined his wife, where he has been serving as Chief Operations Officer for THE PATH Financial Strategies.

In this new position, Coach wants to provide opportunities for others to have experiences that will influence and contribute to their academic growth and development, healthy living habits and high moral standards. He is passionate about being on this team that shares vision and values, as well as practices a strong work ethic to influence the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact. Finally, Coach is ardent about seeing people of all ages growing in their relationship with the Lord, experiencing a heart transformation and applying God’s principles to their lives. His personal motto is, “it’s not just about knowing, it is about DOING. It’s not enough to know the will of the Father, it is about living it.”




COMeet Coach MistiACH MISTI

Misti has a great understanding of children and has a lifelong passion for working with them in many different capacities. From teaching pre-K to Sunday School, running summer camps to vacation bible schools and even owning her own childcare center, Misti has shown an incredible love, dedication and enthusiasm for the children of our community. She loves to dance, move and have fun and we are so grateful that our SNG stars will get to experience her big heart in such a happy and healthy way!




COMeet Coach JordanACH JORDAN

Jordan is currently a student attending Randolph Macon !!! She has helped with and led Sunday school and vacation Bible school camps since she was younger. Jordan has shown fitness to be an important and valued part of her life and has been actively involved in various sports throughout her childhood and high school career. She absolutely loves being able to help her SNG stars see the value of healthy eating and FUNtastic fitness! We are blessed to have Jordan Stretching and Growing with us!




COMeet Coach JenniferACH JENNIFER

I’m Coach Jennifer. For many years I’ve worked as an elementary school counselor and grief counselor for a small non-profit organization. I strongly believe that physical activity and healthy eating are key factors to mental health and happiness. I enjoy eating fresh, seasonal food from my local farmers and incorporating exercise into my daily life. I love yoga, dance, art, reading, kayaking, hiking, and traveling with my husband and three children. I am thrilled to help children in our community discover the rewards and fun of dance and fitness with Stretch-n-Grow!



COMeet Coach CarmyACH CARMY

Carmy is short for Carmiña. I was born and raised in England, named with a Spanish name and live in America…that is enough to confuse anyone! That’s why I just keep it simple with Carmy! I am married with practically grown kids now and two dogs! I have had a passion for dance from a young age. I still find time to dance. From ballet, tap and modern stage to ballroom, worship dance and now Irish dancing; dance has always been a part of my life. For when I dance I feel God’s pleasure! I have had the privilege of teaching children’s fitness, dance and art education over the past 16 years. I believe children are a blessing from God. I am so excited to be a part of what Stretch-n-Grow is doing in kids lives to help them with coordination, mobility, health and fitness and having fun all at the same time!


COMeet Coach LaurenACH LAUREN

Hello! I’m Coach Lauren! I’m currently a student at The University of Virginia. I am studying Psychology and Elementary Education. I am super excited to be working with Stretch-N-Grow!! I am an avid runner and sports enthusiast. I absolutely love hiking and being outdoors. I am eager to teach children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and exercising is the key to a happy life! Fitness is a big part of my life that I cannot wait to share with your child!! I hope to make exercising, EXERciting!!




COMeet Coach AlyACH ALY

My name is Alyson, and I’m currently a junior at VCU studying biology and psychology in hopes of becoming a child therapist. All throughout high school, I was a dance teacher for children at my local dance studio. I’m so grateful that Stretch-n-Grow has given me the amazing opportunity to teach children about fitness and health while also having fun and letting our imaginations run wild! Working with children has always been one of my biggest passions because they never fail to teach me just as much as I teach them.





Coach Quanesha is a nursing student with a ‘growing’ soft spot for tiny humans! Her biggest goal is to ensure each child can take away something from her teaching. Whether that’s a fitness tip, exercises, game ideas, yoga stretch, or even just the importance of giving a smile! She’s always willing to step in and make a positive impact on the lives of children inside and outside of stretch n grow!





COMeet Coach StephanieACH STEPHANIE

I’ve always been a very active person. Throughout high school I played volleyball, basketball, cheered, & ran track all four years. After college, I took up running & participated in many 5ks. In the past couple of years, I also discovered my love for yoga practice. I also absolutely love kids! I’ve often regretted changing my major from elementary education to business and SNG has allowed me an opportunity to pair many of my passions together in one role! I look forward to sharing my joy through fitness with my Stretch-n-Grow stars!!



COMeet Coach SarahACH SARAH

I’m Coach Sarah! I’m attending J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College and later transferring to VCU School of Nursing to pursue a career as a Labor an Delivery nurse in January of 2018. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher at Fairmount Christian Child Care for the past couple of years. I love to be around children and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to coach for Stretch-n-Grow. Thanks to all!



“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6