Stretch-n-Grow Teaches Kids How to Stretch and Grow!

Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals who, each week, teach over 100,000 children in hundreds of cities across 15 countries to “Exercise and Eat What’s Wise!”


Stretch-n-Grow is a comprehensive fitness and health education program for children. We are committed to helping educators and parents establish a foundation of exercise and proper nutrition at an early age. The Stretch-n-Grow program teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. With weekly emphasis on exercise and good food choices, our extensive curriculum covers virtually every wellness issue…self-esteem, safety, hygiene, and environmental issues. Classes are taught at child care centers and schools by Stretch-n-Grow coaches who make exercising, “EXERciting!!”

Since 1992, children enrolled in Stretch-n-Grow have been learning to “Exercise and Eat Healthy & Wise”. We have partnered with over a half-million families and child care providers to give young children a foundation of fitness and good health habits.

Each Stretch-n-Grow Class Offers…

  • Interactivitybuilds social skills
  • Appropriate physical movementdevelops growing bodies
  • Musickeeps activities fun
  • Equipmentimproves manipulative skills
  • Cognitive Lessonskeeps the kids stimulated
  • Physical conditioningprepares for team sports
  • Group participationbuilds self esteem
  • Continuous movementmeans no waiting in lines
  • Warm up activity stories |engages each imagination
  • Age appropriate workoutsbuilds endurance and strength
  • Cool Downsemphasizes stretching and flexibility
  • Certified fitness instructorsfocuses on safe fitness
  • Non-competitive activitiesfosters friendly relationships
  • Creative curriculumdynamic discussions and handouts

“Stretch-n-Grow has made a huge impact on our program. Their theme based program really helps to get the children moving and interested and our teachers have commented on how enthusiastic and professional the Stretch-n-Grow  staff are. As a parent of two children that participate in Stretch-n-Grow I love hearing my 2 year old sing the Stretch-n-Grow song and tell me what she learned in class for the day.”

– Ashley Taylor, Director — Rainbow Station, Mechanicsville, VA


Stretch-n-Grow School Information on Stretch-n-Grow

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6